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Video Duration
Community Redevelopment Agency Board Meeting
Apr 02, 2019
49m 16s
8 items
Community Redevelopment Agency Board Meeting
Feb 05, 2019
13m 44s
8 items
Community Redevelopment Agency Board Meeting
Dec 18, 2018
53m 08s
6 items
Special Meeting
Sep 25, 2018
43m 36s
13 items
Community Redevelopment Agency Board Meeting
Sep 20, 2018
01h 52m
7 items
Special Meeting
Sep 06, 2018
59m 56s
9 items
Special Meeting
Aug 09, 2018
06m 06s
10 items
Special Meeting
Jul 31, 2018
36m 08s
11 items

Due to the Novel Coronavirus, the City Council will be conducting its meetings through the use of Communications Media Technology (CMT) until further notice. The City Council chamber will NOT be open to the public for these meetings. Members of the City Council, City staff, or presenters at the meeting may appear at these meetings through the use of CMT and may not be present in the City Council chamber.

The City Council is committed to protecting the public’s right to observe and participate in these meetings to the greatest extent possible, without jeopardizing the public health. All members of the public are encouraged to visit the City’s website in advance of a scheduled City Council meeting. There, you will find an agenda for the meeting, along with back-up documentation for various agenda items. You will be able to submit public comments or questions on any item. You are encouraged to submit all of your comments in advance of the meeting, since opportunities during the meeting may be substantially limited.

The City Council has established the following access points for viewing the City Council meetings:

Online – www.cityofnewportrichey.org

Spectrum - Channel 644

Verizon FiOS - Channel 20

During the meeting, comments may be emailed to meyersj@cityofnewportrichey.org or you may call 1 (872) 240-3412, access code: 606-759-949. Please keep in mind that access to the meeting by phone may be limited and email access may be delayed. By waiting until the meeting to make a comment, you may not be able to participate in the meeting. The City Council reserves the right to proceed on any item whether public communications are delayed or otherwise obstructed.

Your City Council greatly appreciates your patience through this challenging time in our national history. As always, the safety of the great citizens of our beautiful City is our number one priority.